Laughter…The expression of joy and a mood that makes one feel amused. Thinking of this mood I ask myself
Why do we laugh?…But I rethink…Well why not? Who doesn’t like to laugh?

There shouldn’t be one day without laughter because that would just be a wasted day.

Laughing is a temporary escape that makes one experience true happiness for a short period of time. It’s also a mood that we may overlook at times in the sense that we may not realize that laughing is one of the best parts of being human. It’s just this burst of joy. It is at times uncontrollable…your chest hurts your abs hurt, you can’t catch a breath but it is the best kind.

Not only a great escape, but also a blessing. Laughing makes you forget your worries and simply enjoy the positivity around you. I also associate laughing with the word thankful because the moments of pure joy where I laugh, where I am consumed by positive energy and when I am surrounded with amazing people, I feel how thankful I am to be able to laugh and enjoy life’s the beauty and many mysteries.

In my case, I consider myself even more blessed because I get to laugh with my wonderful, creative and inspiring students on a daily basis. I get to listen to their funny comments and questions, to the sound of their laugh for all sorts of things. I witness their smiles extending, turning into giggles and then into a genuine and uncontrollable innocent laugh. They remind me to have fun and not to sweat the small stuff and they keep my inner child alive.

Life will always be a constant roller coaster. We must escape and be happy, appreciate the good around us, feel alive and that we are really living and to do so…it’s simple, we must LAUGH!