PROCAFFINATING: the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

The fusion of body: measure of viscosity,

It’s heaviness,

Whether grainy, oily, watery,

Mmm…it brings me happiness.

A pleasing sharpness

The perfect dryness,

Coffee’s acidity, is apparently,

The best quality.

Its aroma, its Bouquet

Complex, smoky,

Herbal, nutty, or even fruity

Good at any time of day.

Slightly bitter,

Dark roast espresso

Loyal coffee drinker

Whether with milk or solo.

Though decaf is a big no!

Mocha, frappuccino,

Cappuccino is much richer

But, original is my winner.

I simply don’t get NON-coffee drinkers; that steamy poor will always remain my never changing morning ritual!