just breathe

Sometimes we need to remember to simply take a minute and just breathe. I believe that it is important to take a step back and be thankful for what we have. In stressful times or even throughout or day, we tend to overlook the good that surrounds us. In other words we sweat the small stuff.

Reflecting is not something we do often, but something we should do. We should take a minute to think of the positive around us as well as the people & beauty that surrounds us.

Today I reflect and I “Just Breathe”

I am thankful for these people around me:
– my colleagues who help and guide me
– my friends who listen and support me, & who make me laugh
– my students who give me hugs & lots of smiles

I am appreciative of the beauty around me: L.I.F.E
– students full of life whom are laughing, playing and learning.
-being healthy and breathing with strength to keep going.

What is your positive?