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As today is National Best Friends Day, I am happy to think of the most precious girls in my life. As many people have one or two best friends, I am lucky enough to have 7! My life wouldn’t be as good without them, hell it wouldn’t be half of what it is!

Forming these unique friendships is most definitely something I am proud of as I am so appreciative and blessed to be surrounded with such beautiful, caring, funny, smart, honest, dependable, and talented friends. These friendships are true friendships; genuine relationships from the heart. I am so happy to have shared all my stories with them but even happier that they’ve lived them with me.

Today I think of my best friends and I smile. SO many memories, inside jokes, stupid fights and lots of crazy crazy nights!
Dina & Natasha: you girls are HILARIOUS. Din Din you have the craziest thought process, but the funniest one. Nat you simply make the best comments. Both of you are so witty and dynamic and I admire your strength & charm.

Jess & Jess: I still cannot believe that we have been friends for over ten years! Together we built such amazing memories from high school drama, to crazy Cegep years, to heartbreaks, to graduating university and officially being adults! Jess – Princesse you are attentive, caring and you never give up and I admire your willpower & determination.  Jess -J.Deks you are so outgoing, confident and I admire your positive energy and

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Olivia: From a crazy night on the city bus, to lots and lots of dancing & to our many movie nights, together we laugh and dream of the movie versions of our future husbands! You are kind-hearted and sweet and I admire your enthusiasm and your humbleness.

Julia: I love our discussions and sharing our passion for writing and I can’t wait to write something together. You inspire me as you are so driven and I admire how brave you are and your strength.

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Julie: From meeting you in class as you splattered some pasta sauce on my notes, to finding out we were born the same birthday, to sharing the same passion for teaching…I know our friendship was meant to be. You are so bold yet kind-hearted and I admire your wittiness and your fabulousness!

As you are all different, I thank you for being you and being in my life as you make it so much more meaningful. Thank you for being understanding, for listening to me, for guiding me and for always making me feel like i’m important. Without you girls I would feel incomplete and with you by my side I know I can overcome any battle as you give me strength. My favourite part of my friendship with you girls is that, together, we laugh and build new memories and for me that is what makes me feel alive!

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