Finger Eye

Eyes like hers weren’t grassy green with a swirl of Atlantic blue. Eyes like hers weren’t a deep blue like heavy ocean waves.  Eyes like hers were brown like chocolate specked with gold.

Her eyes had an inexplicable glimmer.

Her eyes gave out this unique glare as they reflected lustrously. 

Her eyes had an uncharacteristic twinkle of kindness and purity.

Her eyes had lashes weighted with mascara that curled up almost touching the skin beneath her eyebrows.

Her eyes held deep set emotions.

They were so expressive as they revealed honesty and a kind heart. From their gleam, I knew they had witnessed happiness. From their watery sparkle, I knew they had witnessed sorrow. It was not their color nor their shape that made them so different than other eyes; it was the fact that her eyes were the window to her soul. Her stardust eyes let us see her life. As I stared at her eyes, I saw way more than a pair of chocolaty brown eyes. I saw the story of a beautiful,strong & fierce woman. 

Her glossy eyes were special eyes…


She remembers his green eyes.

She remembers gazing into them.

They were warm.

They were comforting.

They were powerful.

They were happy.

They were captivating.

His green eyes aspired.

His green eyes motivated.

They became darker.

They became dull as stones.

They became angry.

They became resentful.

They became hopeless.

His green eyes lied.

His green eyes robbed.

She no longer knows these green eyes.

She no longer gazes in his green eyes.

Instead of gazing into someone’s eyes, she gazes at her brown eyes revealing empathy, strength, willpower, love, happiness & hope and awaits for someone else to gaze into them.


My eyes wander,

My eyes linger.

They stare, they blink,

They gaze, they think.

Inexplicable fears,

Countless  tears,

My eyes perceive,

My eyes believe.