Recently I was told I should do laser surgery as it is so miraculous to wake up and see without a pair of glasses or contacts. I beg to differ, as for some odd reason, I like to have an imperfect eye sight at times. Contacts and glasses off gives a complete different perception and weirdly enough there is a certain charm to it.

My eyes perceive things differently as they cannot see so clearly. I see blurry. I see shadows. I see shimmering lights. I see unfocused effects. From far, I can only see the silhouettes and shape of those around me and it is somewhat intriguing. It is like looking at the world through a filter!

A foggy vision is accompanied by a reduced hearing, which adds to this twisted liking of mine! Simply by removing my glasses or contacts, I gain the power of disconnecting from the craziness and entering my world of wonder and imagination. I clear my thoughts, let my mind wander and I get lost in this distorted, yet appealing glimpse. 

I see not with my eyes, but with my powerful mind and a trusting heart – §

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