Lately I have been thinking a lot about music and I realized that I can’t go a day without music. Music is for me is like poetry with a beat. It is what feelings sound like and these resonate in my head and heart. The different melodies help me escape reality and enter a world of endless possibilities. At times it is a home for my pain as it listens to my inner darkness and at other times is allows me to feel moments of ultimate happiness. Through music I connect. There is a perfect song for every story, even the ones that are untold.  The beautiful lyrics empower the mind, fills it with strong emotion and unleashes an inexplicable strength and willpower to keep going no matter the battle.

Music is my therapy and the best kind of addiction

It is my motivation and inspiration. 

It makes me feel whole. 

Music is the words I cannot always express; it is the voice of the soul. 

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