A little while ago I wrote a children’s book and since its about Halloween I thought it would be wyse¬†to share it. My story is about a little girl who meets a spider and I thought it would help some children be less afraid of spiders and consider them as friendly creatures! Enjoy ūüôā

The Halloween Costume – by Sarah Suissa

While the Clark family was driving home, it was getting dark out and hale was hitting the windshield of the car.

It was almost Halloween and little Stacey still hadn’t found the perfect costume. She thought a lot about it but no great ideas came to her.

“We’re home now. Hold my hand going up the stairs because the storm is getting worse”, said Stacey’s father.

Meanwhile, Jane the tiny spider and her family happened to spin their web in front of the Clark’s charming home. They spun a big web in between branches¬†to protect them from the big storm.


As Mr. Clark opened the front door to their home, a wild wind blew Jane off her web and SWOOOSH, she landed straight into Stacey’s shoulder.

“AHH”, “HELP!”, yelled Jane.

“Where am I? Why is it so warm and dry in here?”

Suddenly, Jane felt an earthquake. It was little Stacey walking into her bedroom S-T-O-M-P-I-N-G her feet complaining that it was bed time and that she still doesn’t have a Halloween costume.¬†Stacey, discouraged, got into her bed and Jane slowly crawled off her shoulder onto the wall near by.

Stacey stared out the window and sighed. “How could I possibly go trick-o-treating without a scary costume?”


In the meantime, Jane is on the wall spinning a web of worry.

“I want my mommy and daddy”, cried Jane. She was lost and lonely and simply couldn’t see a way back to her family.


Suddenly, Jane noticed the bright moon. “The moon! I see it every night so if I could make my way towards it, I will find mommy and daddy. Following the moon rays, the crawled and crawled as quickly as she could with her 8 dangly legs. When all of a sudden, BAM! SPLAT! OUCH!

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“Why can’t I get out?, said Jane stopped by the clear glass window.

At that moment, Stacey was tossing and turning in her bed. She decided to turn on her nightlight and at that moment she shrieked, “AHH, A SPIDER!

Terrified Stacey jumped out of bed and grabbed a shoe. “I must squash this creature!”, she said.

“OH NO!¬†Please, don’t crush me. I just want to go home to my mommy and daddy”, cried Jane.

“A talking spider?, said Stacey.¬†“What’s your name? Where did you come from? AND what are you doing in my room?, asked Stacey.


My name is Jane. The wild wind blew me inside. I just want to go back home, weeped Jane.

“You better not bite me. You better not crawl on me with you long legs. Oh, you better not make a web in my room”, said Stacey.

“Me?! Bite you? Crawl on you? You’re the giant one. I am terrified of you and your huge shoe, responded Jane.

“Hmm, well, where is your home? I wouldn’t like being away and lost from my family.

Jane said her home was in between branches next to some pumpkins. Stacey slowly parted her blinds and peeked outside. “Jane, I see your web. It’s next to the pumpkins I carved”, said Stacey. “Oh yes, that’s it. That’s my home! Would you be so kind to bring me home?, asked Jane.

“I know I’m hairy,¬†

& you think I’m scary,¬†

But I promise to be friendly”.¬†

“Mhmm, well you are tiny and you must be special since you’re the only¬†talking spider I know. So…Okay, I will help you get back to your home, said Stacey.

Stacey was not afraid anymore. She quietly opened her bedroom window and Jane hopped on Stacey’s hand and was¬† gently placed on the window sill.


“Bye Bye”, said Stacey.

“Thank you for helping me get home”, said¬†Jane.

Stacey shut the window and got back in her bed and fell asleep.

The next day, Stacey woke up and looked out the window. She noticed Jane in her web with her family. Stacey was happy to see Jane reunited with her family. At that moment Stacey shouted “A SPIDER!” That’s what I’ll be for Halloween. Everyone thinks spiders are scary, everyone except me!

On October 31st, Stacey dressed up as a scary spider for Halloween. She went trick-o-treating and everyone found her creepy and scary!


The end