Her voice is tamed.

Constricted, constrained,

No words of consolation,

Even with a wholehearted devotion.

Stuck in a melancholy of silence,

No help, no guidance.

Only sighs, only cries, 

Near a body of no replies.

Her desire: no more sorrow,

Hopes for a wyser tomorrow.

With time, the pain dissipates, 

The mind heals & regenerates. 

We all have bad days or go through difficult moments … Strength comes through struggles but the beauty is that even though we all go through tough moments, we always find a way to heal. Each story comes battle scars to remind us of our strength and our willingness to fight and keep going no matter what. There is always a tomorrow to be wyser, to be happier; to be better. What you can handle is beyond what you can think of!

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