He was blue and hairy,

He was tiny and nice.

He was a blue, hairy, nice and a tiny monster.


This monster was afraid of the dark,

This monster was frightened by thunder.

This monster was afraid of the dark and frightened by thunder.


He had nightmares.

He had a vivid imagination.

He had nightmares and a vivid imagination.


This blue and hairy monster yelled : MOMMY!! There are KIDS  under my bed!

This tiny and nice monster yelled: DADDY!! There are KIDS  under my bed!

And this is the reply he got every time : “Oh sweety, there are no such things as kids !”

He was a blue, hairy, tiny & nice monster that was afraid of the dark and frightened by thunder who was scared of KIDS under his bed!  

This little poem was inspired by my favorite poet : Shel Silverstein. His poetry is simply AWESOME! It makes children laugh and love to read, which is truly amazing. I liked the irony that a monster feared kids; I found it was pretty clever & since it made my students laugh, I thought I’d share it!