There is  a place where I feel close too.

There is a place very far from me that I love.

There is a place that I cherish.

There is a place in this great and big world that is so tiny but so unique.

There is a place that I miss because of its beauty but more because of the the sense of identity and belonging I feel towards it.

Israel I am far from you but I feel so close to you. I feel like this beautiful country is calling out to me.

I haven’t seen your beautiful white and blue flag waving as I get off the plane in too long.

I haven’t seen your western wall where I insert my most precious prayers.

I haven’t seen your views that inspire me that this world has good in it.

I have not see your turquoise waters which carry my worries away.

Israel I have not seen your magic in too long. I have not been to the country where even with war and horrors people actually live, love life and appreciate it to the fullest. I have not seen some of my family members that I feel so close with even from such a far distance.

I am home but I feel homesick …