Its not about you do for a living,

But more about what your passionate about.


Its not about your love for someone,

But more about what you will risk for their happiness.


Its not about your words,

But more about your actions.


Its not about the argument,

But more about your reaction.


Its not about how much money you have,

But more about how you spend it.


Its not about what others think,

But more about how you let other’s opinions affect you.


Its not about the result,

But more about the efforts put in.


Its not always about success,

But more about have the willingness to succeed.


Sometimes we need to think deeper … we need to refocus the meaning of things to see their true meaning. We also need to adjust our thought process and maybe reset it in order to think more objectively¬†or clearly. Sometimes we somehow take another person’s perspective or gain insight on a precedent thought which now changes how we see things. Questioning, refocusing, improving… changing your mindset for the better.¬†