There are moments when you fall to the ground,

You feel beaten with your hands bound.

You are surrounded with many troubles,

There are too many unexpected struggles.


There are moments when you fly high,

You feel like you can touch the sky.

You feel a sense of exhilaration,

There are feelings of determination.

Life is like a roller coaster: it goes up and down. There are moments in life that are tough. There are moments where you are in a euphoric state. As life deals its cards, you must keep playing until you win. Pull yourself up from difficult moments and look at yourself shine in the bright ones. I was once told that life is full of unexpected things, but that its how you face them that makes the moment a good or a bad one. Have faith, be confident in yourself, listen and learn because life will keep on handing you some good cards and some bad ones. 

Be Wyse,

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