When you rearrange the letters to some words you may get interesting anagrams. The following anagrams have an particular correlation.

The eyes –>They see

Desperation –> A rope ends it

Lump –> plum

Tired –> tried

Desserts –> stressed

A gentleman –> elegant man

A decimal point –> I’m a dot in place

Listen  –>  Silent 

It is said that very few people know how to be silent and actually listen. Everyone wants to talk and be heard, but very few want to be silent and listen. This anagram is maybe a coincidence but one that has an interesting meaning. It makes me think of these next words: 

All words matter.

Your voice is important and should be heard.

Do not just hear others, listen to them.

Take on someone else’s perspective. 

To really LISTEN to what my mind is saying, to truly understand what it’s saying, I must first SILENCE it.

Be wYse,