Sometimes I’m SILLY 🙂

I dance in the kitchen… not well I can assure you.

I walk down my hallway as if it’s a runway walk…

I sing in the car as if I have a microphone… I know you other drivers see me, but I don’t care!

I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S and take on one of the characters’ role and say ALL of his/her lines.

I turn towards the board in my classroom, NOT facing my students and just laugh quietly because what they said is just THE best (either hilarious or sooo cute).

When ordering my coffee at the drive through (& I’m alone in the car), I take on an accent. (Love to say “cawffee” like they do in New-York or Boston).

When I walk around the block I count the sidewalk lines or sometimes I still try not to step on the line.

During the Fall season, I purposefully try to crush the leaves because I love the sound it makes.

I talk to myself all the time… I even make myself laugh at times!

I walk into things sometimes…ok often! Im clumsy 🙂

I find some words funny.

When I am the passenger in a car, I often find myself reading the names aloud of some streets or shops and when I realize that I am doing so, I always tell myself “why do I do that?”.

When asked to sign a package I sign as Regina Phalange!

At Starbucks, I give out a fake name that is funny or that I find does not suit me. (Just for kicks!)

I love to use puns … I even laugh or smirk before saying them.

When writing “Wednesday,” I still think of it as “Wed-nes-day.”

I have some car dance moves… again nothing impressive, but good enough to make one/me smile.

Before asking a question, I often ask “can I ask you a question?”

I love to speak with a British accent at recite some classic lignes from Harry Potter.

I laugh for no apparent reason… sometimes a serious case of giggles!

Being silly and goofy is way more fun and believe it or not, its kind of therapeutic. It makes me able to laugh at myself, it allows me to enjoy the small things that often go unnoticed and some of these things … well they make me me! 

Be wYse,