“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey

John Dewey, a philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer, stressed the importance of the art of thinking. He said that the essentials of thinking include maintaining a state of doubt and inquiry.

Recently, I have been thinking about this (sens the pun!). I strongly believe that one learns by doing and by living,  but I am certain that one truly learns and grows by reflecting on their own life experiences. Whatever isn’t reflected, isn’t retained.

Reflecting on my life and on my many experiences, wether positive or negative, has helped me gain insight on myself. In a way, it helped me know myself better and it allowed me put many things in perspective by learning to weigh what truly matters and what doesn’t. 

On a daily basis, I try to reflect and weigh the good and the bad and choose what will affect me and my mood and what won’t. I am a firm believer in mind over matter, but that is only the case because I value taking a step back and constantly reflecting on all of the positive around me. To ensure that I take away the most out of every experience. I reflect by writing because it was the only way to empty the many many thoughts out of my head. When I write it’s like having a conversation with myself but many times it’s also a source of relief … it sometimes feels like someone is listening to each word jotted down. Writing helps me see clearly, listen to my inner voice and mainly its my way of processing anything that comes my way. 

 I value Dewey’s statement as I know that reflecting leads to personal growth. I love these moments where I let my mind float and my hand write (or type) …it simply enriches my life. 

Be wYse,