Everyone has their bubble where they can live in from time to time. Everyone has an escape to a safe place.

Sometimes, ok often, I like to live in my bubble where I feel reassured, safe and comfortable. What I mean by living in my bubble is more linked to the feeling of being able to be me … FULLY me! It means being surrounded with some indispensable people that to me make me want to live every single day and that know & accept me. It means being honest and truthful. It means feeling inspired and moved by the many little wonders of life. It means that I dont have think, but just be.

On the other hand, there are times where life is so fast pace and times where I don’t even notice that I’m so caught up that I can’t even enjoy being in my little bubble. Sometimes a bubble is a MUST to physically and/or mentally escape real life.  A physical escape is where I would end up in my car driving with no destination, walking around Montreal at crazy hours, staring out at various views, traveling to be inspired… A mental escape is where I would write about so many different things for days, where I practiced a few exercices of mindfulness, where I got lost in my books or movies/shows, where I listened to music for hours and hours. I must say that whether physical or mental, an escape is sometimes needed, and in fact, it’s sometimes healthy.

Be bubbly! Be wYse,