From struggle to heartbreak,

It’s a throbbing ache.

Inexplicable pain, pure sadness,

And what seems like never-ending numbness.


Taking time to comprehend,

Believing that hearts must mend,

Rebuilding piece by piece,

The pain will eventually cease.

You mustn’t follow,

The past and its sorrow

Even if it will reappear,

Stay strong and overcome the fear.


The bad teaches you to appreciate the good,

You are not where you once stood

Simply rely on time as your consistency.

You grow to look at things differently.

Embark on a different road,

And even when you’re on overload

Do not succumb, do not surrender,

Know this is for the better.


From struggle comes success

It’s a transformation

A long process, progress

And what seems like a healthy transition.

Morality: Mind over matter

It must be…

Don’t you agree?


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