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Happiness, a state of mind and being, is all in one’s hands. The secret to happiness will always remain one’s mindset. However, as the mind is a very powerful tool, keeping it strong and positive is what remains an ongoing challenge. Everyone makes his or her own happiness, but it first begins by defining happiness as everyone has his or her own interpretation of the term.

As you overcome obstacles in your life you develop a certain perspective of life and how you would like to live it in order to achieve happiness. Reaching a level of happiness is not so difficult, as we are surrounded with a world of endless possibilities giving us the impression that we are in fact happy. In order to stay happy, one must reflect and question whether his or her current state of happiness is the best approach to what he or she defines as his or her’s ultimate happiness.

My perspective of happiness relies on these five words:

My general perspective and outlook on life is through a positive lens. I am passionate through my career choice (teaching) and my students inspire me on a daily basis. I appreciate life by looking at the big picture of things …I am healthy, motivated and I have a great support system (my amazing friends and family). I experience by combining all of these aspects such as learning and growing in my field of work, appreciating my unique friendships and being thankful to wake up every day with drive to keep going, the want to keep improving and the hope that there is good out there.  These five words act as my reminder that “Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life” – Mandy Hale.

Take the time to reflect on what kind of happiness you want in order to experience ultimate happiness.  What are your five magic words? (leave me a comment!)

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