As I drink my morning coffee in my awesome Superman Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 9.09.26 AMmug, I remember being asked  a little while back why is it I adore superman? As I immediately had an answer, I also reflected and realized that there are so many reasons why Clark Kent/Superman is my hero.

Superman, a little boy who arrived from planet Krypton to earth and adopted by humans Jonathan and Martha Kent, is the beginning of a journey of HOPE.


The Kryptonian symbol of hope CK/Superman

The story is moving and inspiring as this “alien” learns to live like a human. He learns to feel, to fail, to succeed, to act through the heart and emotion and to appreciate the important people around him. Yet, his Kryptonian side teaches him about his own history and of  his strength and powers. The combination of Earth and Krypton results into Clark Kent and Superman: a human and a hero to bring good to the world.

As the storyline is so amazing and teaches us a lot about life, I also admire this superhero because he is kind-hearted and brave with a strong sense of righteousness and morality. He holds the power to make good around him, to instill hope in others, to inspire others and ensure there is good in this crazy world. In this wonderful world, we need hope and this hero is my reminder that there is always hope out there as long as you believe.

Superman; our beloved protector, was created in the 1930’s by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The world got Superman because of a tragedy. On June 2nd 1932, Jerry Siegel’s father Mitchell, died during a night-time robbery at his Cleveland second hand clothes store. Little boy, Jerry Siegel heard his father was murdered and, in grief, created a bulletproof man.

Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster created this hero, which was featured in Action Comics for the first time in 1938. This was the beginning of the story of Superman.


However, we cannot overlook that before Superman was Superboy. Superboy was born after World War II and Siegel & Shuster created him due to all the tragedies and horror that had happened in the world. Superboy was able to do the impossible. Superboy, junior version of Superman, brought hope and restoring to our world.

The story of Superman grew and until today after so many different comics, books, tv shows and movies, he is still the best superhero!


So Superman is not just a fictional character I like… He is one I admire as he teaches me to inspire others, to be good to those whom are present in your life, to give, to appreciate, to be thankful and to always have hope.