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25 is an age that has been scaring me for a little while now. I am officially a “real” grown-up! Although I have still so much to accomplish and a few little regrets of not having accomplished certain things by now, I decided to stay focused on the good in my life and of all the things I look forward too in the near future.

My birthday numbers 5, 6 and 1991 reveal that my life path number is 4, which represents growth, building and foundation and being down to earth with strong ideas about right and wrong.

Over the past year, I have grown and learned a lot about life and I came to realize that I want to live my life a certain way.

So this is my list of my 25 morals/ways to live by: 

1. life is funny: the best way to live is to laugh. The funniest moments definitely make the bets stories to tell!

2. I am only human: mistakes happen, but the good thing is that there is always tomorrow to fix them and improve.

3. Everything happens for a reason: as I question why certain things happen at times, I have living proof that sometimes things happen and they are for the best even if you realize only later.

4. Mind over matter: the mind is strong and a positive mind will lead to a positive lifestyle. If my mind is set on something, my body will follow.

5. Enjoy the little things: we get to do so many things that we may take for granted…I want to keep in mind to always acknowledge the little things like being able to sit outside and read a good book or drink a glass of wine, or even being in my comfy cosy covers!

6. Money and material is not a source of happiness. It can help make bring me things and experiences I enjoy but there is so much more to life than money.

7. Follow your gut: making decisions is not always easy, but my gut has guided me well. I want to remember that there are no bad decisions; you make a choice and then you make it right.

8. Music: there cannot be a day without music, because music makes me dream and get lost in my wonderful thoughts and this is a must. Listening to music is my way to cope and heal & feel inspired and alive.

9. Appreciate those around you: I have a wonderful family and the most amazing friends and I never want to take that for granted. Mom, dad & Elisa, I am sure I drive you nuts at times, but I would not be me without you guys. My loving best friends: Dina, Jess (x2), Julia, Julie, Olivia, Natasha –> you girls all bring so much to my life. There are so many more people in my life; I appreciate you all.

10. ME, ME, ME: take time to things for me. I have come to understand that it is important to be okay being alone and doing things on my own.

11. Honesty: this word is one I truly feel is a must. I want to always try to be honest with myself and the people who surround me.

12. Acceptance: as my life progresses there will be inevitable changes and most probably some unexpected bumps along the road and I want to remember to embrace change as lots of good can come from it and accept certain situations as this is part of life!

13. Love: that strong feeling you have for those around you is a devotion I have so much love for life and for those whom are present in my life. Being in love is a form of euphoria and so when I have that again I will cherish it.

14. Be kind: say hi to a stranger walking near you, help out someone in need, smile to children who stare at you… be kind to others and others will be kind to you.

15. Breathe: take a moment to just breathe and get rid of negative thoughts. There is lots of bad but there is more good out there so I will focus on the good.

16. Watch FRIENDS over and over! This show is simply amazing and it makes me laugh. Even though I know all the episodes off by heart, it always puts me in a good mood. I cannot forget SATC – this show is epic and I will keep re-watching!

17. Less talking & more listening: sometimes when you take the time to really listen, your perspective changes. You may learn something and you may see things differently and better understand someone else.

18. Keep dreaming: dreaming is hoping and this must be never ending. Some dreams will come true and some won’t, but having some means looking forward to the future.

19. Beauty: there is beauty in everything and everyone; it just comes in different shape and size. I focus on physical beauty as I do what I can by staying healthy and working out, but inner beauty is who I am and I always to focus on being beautiful on the inside.

20.Passion: I have so much passion for helping others and that in different ways. I do so on a daily basis in my classroom and I will always need a job that can make a difference in someone’s life. I am very passionate of doing good for others and I want this passion to grow in different ways.

21. Learn: I want to be able to learn every day. Learning means being more knowledgeable and when you are more knowledgeable you are wiser & I want to keep having a lot of WYSEthoughts!

22. Try new things: wether its a new board game or a crazy activity, I want to keep trying new things and be open minded. You never know what can come out of it, so why not try it.

23. Push yourself: I know I want to achieve a lot of things and I want to push myself to be able to always give my best and grow and do better. There is always room for improvement.

24. Opportunities: when one door closes another opens. In life what is meant to be will be meant to be and there will always be other opportunities so I want to always keep that in mind and stay driven.

25. LIVE: remember to appreciate every single day and just live. I am healthy and I am breathing and as long as I am doing so, I will keep going. What ever comes along, I will appreciate life and its challenges and overcome them one by one.