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As May 29th 2016 was just a regular Sunday for some, it was not for my best friend.  May 29th 2016 marked the most special of all days for a very special person in my eyes. It was her wedding day.

After over a year of anticipation, excitement, stress, planning and much more, the BIG day was finally here. She woke up at 6 am and the magic started happening. From curling hair, to applying make up, to dealing with a million questions and “congratulations” from out of town family members, putting on her heals, to finally slipping on her long wedding dress, she became a stunning bride to be.

 As the hours passed, her day became more magical when she walked down the aisle (or as our hashtag states #Oikninedowntheasile !) towards her flowery white Chuppah. I could not even begin to imagine her thought process at his precise moment, however I can most definitely express my own.


As Jess walked down the aisle , her long white dress made me think of serenity, her bouquet of roses made me think of love, the Hebrew music playing made me think of our Jewish identity and then my eyes gazed at this gorgeous bride: Jessica Myriam-Dana Dahan about to become Jess Myriam-Dana Dahan Oiknine. For every step she took, I had flashbacks of some of the best moments of our lives. I remembered Jess and I meeting in High School in English class in grade 8, I remembered all the good times we spent in our clicks: J.A.S (Jess, Ari, Sarah) + J.J.S (Jess, Jess, Sarah), I remembered our many years as co-staffs and co-roverscat camp Benyamin (which is where she met her husband!), the laughing & crying, the partying, the crazy things we did together, etc.  Images of her growing up kept on popping into my head until they suddenly stopped and my mind was zen and ready to embrace the radiant, brave, confident and poised young woman that stood in front of me. She was a stunning Kala ready to tie the knot with her faithful partner.

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As it is impossible for me to truly feel what the Kala (bride) felt as she walked down her aisle, I know my mind was filled with thoughts, memories and prayers within this short period of time. As this day was just another Sunday for some, for me it was a day that will forever remain unforgettable and one I am happy to store in a very safe space in my heart.

#Oikninedowntheaisle – Jessica & Natanyel – May 29 2016