When some says:  “remember the good and leave the bad in the past” they are right, however, this is not easy to do. Accepting a certain “negative” situation is usually an ongoing challenge because the mind constantly replays memories and is a never ending thinking machine!

As my mind constantly wanders in all directions, I constantly try to program it with a positive mindset. Positive thoughts are most definitely harder to instill than negative ones, but they will make you a happier person in the long run. Positivity for me means looking at everything around you with a happy, hopeful and thankful perspective. This is my way of appreciating the good around me and of replacing the negative from my past. My perspective is my own WYSEthoughts and my mind is my power to overcome any challenge that I may have to face.

From all of my experiences, I try to learn, improve and understand more of my own wants and needs. So when you think of the past, and it begins to consume you, think of how you can apply what you have learned in your past in a positive way in the present & future. Dwelling on things that simply cannot change will make you miss the good in front of you and later you may regret these missed opportunities. Don’t forget the past because it makes you who you are today, but focus on what you will make of it today: on what you want, on who you want to be and on what makes you truly you in order to reach your ultimate happiness.

What is your thought change ?