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Vulnerability is one’s susceptibility to being wounded or hurt. It is a state where one feels a heavy heart, sadness and fear. However, as I have no super speed or incredible physical strength, I do have the courage to be vulnerable by admitting my worries & addressing my fears, which is why vulnerability  is powerful. It is a fragile state that challenges you to either remain fearful or find the strength to overcome your fears.

Vulnerability is a weapon as it is the most accurate measurement of courage. As this is a difficult state where you feel so transparent and exposed, it is one that makes you become stronger. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, yes it is terrifying but you are enabling the possibility of letting yourself feel your life while you are in it. You gamble with the possibility of reaching authenticity & to me it is worth the pain and shatter.

When your vulnerability allows you to reach a powerful state and one you embrace, document it  and use it as a reference for strength and willpower when you need it again, because you will. We all will. We will feel pain and get hurt in some way, though its the only true measure to feel the good and appreciate it.

So vulnerability is not a bad thing, though in your state of vulnerability, are you the one holding the weapon or is the weapon being held against you ?