8 years of dating, one year of planning: engagement party, bachelorette (sososeductive), bridal shower, Shabbat Cala/Hatan…their special day finally arrived: August 21st 2016.

It began at 7 am with some pampering for the bride and bridal party. From hairdos to make-up, to dresses and heals, my sister wore it best! She remained herself, simple and beautiful. She was a stunning bride getting ready to tie the knot with her handsome groom.

She took delicate steps down a wooden staircase towards her man.  As she reached the bottom of the stairs, he turned around and gazed at her and she smiled with such serenity. 


As the entire day was special, my most special moment was seing my sister walk down the aisle so graciously. As she stood near Andrew under the Houpa, her life story flashed before my eyes. It was glimpses of her as little girl already so smart and wanting to figure out everything on her own, glimpses of her accomplishments… but mainly, I was able to see such a stunning, composed and successful young woman in front of me.  


As the glass was broken, the celebrations started! What a night! The room was filled with lots and lots of love. 


My speech to the beautiful couple … 

Dear Elisa and Andrew,

Your big day is finally here. When I think of your journey as a couple,  it makes me smile because it brought two wonderful families together. It also makes me think that time passes quickly and so we must enjoy every minute.

Elisa, c’est fou comme le temps passe vite ! Je me souviens, comme si c’était hier qu’on était encore toutes petites. On s’amusait, parfois on se disputait, surtout pour la télécommande, mais tu as toujours été et tu resteras toujours ma grande sœur que j’admire tant.

Un de mes meilleurs souvenirs d’enfance sont les moments passés avec les cousines ! On jouait à tant de jeux qu’on inventait et Elisa tu avais toujours un rôle d’entrepreneur et de leader. Dans notre jeu assez particulier qu’on surnommait le rat, c’était toi qui prenait charge et même lorsqu’on jouait à faire semblant de travailler pour une compagnie, tu étais déjà la CEO ! Maintenant on ne fait plus semblant mais c’est encore mieux car tu as si bien réussi. De Montréal, à Boston et maintenant en Californie, tu es pleine de surprises.

Andrew, as I just mentioned in French that Elisa always demonstrated leader qualities, I see the same drive and ambition in you too. Since I’ve met you, you have inspired me with your perseverance, love of learning and motivation. In fact, between you and Elisa, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see an article titled Power Couple of the year: Elisa & Andrew Mountain! I mean first Apple, then Google, not too shabby!

However, before these amazing opportunities, I do remember, as if it were yesterday that both of you were McGill students. And this marks a very important step in both of your lives as this is where you met. I am sure that you were both destined to meet and on that note, I would like to share with you something interesting that I recently learned.  There is a common saying that we often hear in joyous occasions, like this one, we say “to your Mazal”. In Hebrew, Mazal is spelled מזל. The מ represents Makom which means place, the ז represents Zman which means time and the ל symbolizes Limoud which means learnings or experiences. As I heard this saying, I immediately thought of both of you and it made total sense to me that you are each other’s Mazal. You both met in the right place, at the right time and after having lived certain experiences and acquired the right knowledge to be dedicated to one another. Elisa and Andrew, you are truly the perfect example of a successful and happy relationship. You support and encourage one another and together you make a remarkable team.

So tonight, we celebrate the union of two extraordinary people. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and know that wherever life takes you, go hand in hand and with heart.

Alors sans plus attendre, trinquons à la santé des nouveaux mariés. Lets all raise our glasses to the happy new couple, Elisa and Andrew Mountain.

Love you both, 


Sarah – §