Everyone has strengths.

Everyone also has weaknesses.

Weaknesses are part of who we are, and as hard as they are to face at times, they may even be our road to success when you allow yourself to embrace them. When the spotlight is pointed at you, all you may see are your weaknesses shining bright. However, another soul will see so much more. Another mind equals another perspective and usually one that is better than our own.

I was once told that if I could see myself through another’s soul, eyes and heart I would only see strengths. Think about someone you love and I’m sure that all of what they consider weaknesses, you consider strengths, beauty and uniqueness.  Without weaknesses you wouldn’t be able to recognize your strengths. Without weaknesses, you wouldn’t differ your good and your bad.

Know your weaknesses, embrace them  & capitalize your strengths.

My weakness is my sensitivity and I embrace it.

My weakness is my sensitivity: it becomes my super power, it is felt as a strength within me, it is often heard in my story and is what allows me to see the world through the lens of love.

I am strong because I know my weakness. What’s yours? 

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