Ernest Hemingway won a bet by writing the six-word story “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” Hemingway wrote some six-word sequels. The six word story must have a beginning, middle, and end & in so little words, there is in fact a story. 

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s writing, I decided to write some of my own six-word sequels. 

Diagnosed. Cancer. Mind Over Matter. Survivor. 
Six Million Jews. Vanished. Never Forget. 
A Boy. School; A Nightmare. Bullying. 
She Struggled. She fought. She’s Stronger. 
Insecurities. Anxiety. Acceptance. Learning. Bettering. Happiness. 

Some stories are lengthy, these ones are very short but very powerful. Not all stories have a good ending but writing about them allows us to share, to be empathetic, but mainly to be aware and remember. 

Writing is just my way to leave my mark. It unleashes a power in me allowing me to put my thoughts down on paper. Six words may not be a whole lot of writing but they allow me to get my message across. 

Be wYse,