The best way I can describe myself is with these next words:

“A Kid At Heart”

It’s important to me to be a kid at heart to never lose that wonder of life; to always believe & dream big. My perceptions sometimes differ from those around me; they are, at times, through the eyes of a little girl who loves to laugh so freely, imagine and keep things simple. However, don’t mistake being a kid at heart for immaturity, as its not really a question of age, but more one of spirit.

I truly think that being a kid of heart is part of why I love to teach and work with children. I love to see them just be kids; imagine, learn, dream & laugh. It’s what makes connect so well with my students, It’s what makes me want to be better for them everyday…It’s what makes me good at my job & proud of what I do. 

As adults, we sometimes forget how amazing it is to be children; to laugh so much, to dream endlessly, to forgive easily, to be carefree, to be fearless, to have endless curiosity, to be free spirited, but mainly to take such great pleasure in the little things.

So I may age, but my heart and mind will forever be set as a kid. I will always smile big at the idea of ice cream, watch Disney movies over and over, ask lots of questions, be afraid of bees and spiders, get wildly enthusiastic about going to the water slides & believe that a promise is a promise!

A great Chinese Philospher once said: “Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart.”- Mencius
Be wYSe,