I decided to share some poems from Shel Silverstein who reminds us (in a fun & childish way) certain life messages to always carry with you. These poems are from his books “Falling Up”, “A Light in the Attic” & “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. 

As a child, my father always told me that “If I can I will” and that “If I work hard I will succeed”. As I child I was taught that ANYTHING can happen, ANYTHING can be. As an adult and as a teacher, I transmit this message to my students. Keep passing it along! 

Sometimes we forget the basics… 

Treat your body with respect; eat healthy as your body is your temple. Keep it pure & clean for the soul to reside in it. 


My voice is always talking ( sometimes I can’t make it stop!) … I believe in trusting your gut ; the day I started trusting mine, I felt strong, confident and well… happy to be ME :). 

Indecisions let opportunities slip by … However, don’t confuse it with having some days where you simply can’t make up your mind. If I had to make a decision based on the choices above, I’d select all of them!

It happens to all of us where we just want to hear others say good things about us. We all know perfect doesn’t exist, but your loved ones will love you for your imperfections. Your one special person may even consider all of your imperfections, perfection. 

I LOVE THE LAND OF HAPPY. When you are in the land of happy, it is just the BEST feeling. 


Be wYse,