Sometimes we are merely aware of these small elements in our life that make us smile but we seldom take the time to appreciate them. We forget to pay attention to the really small things that we love or enjoy so here is a friendly reminder of things to notice and appreciate them. 

Here is my top 20! 

  1. Enjoying the smell of my morning coffee and then drinking it peacefully. ☕
  2. The sound of footsteps on gravel!
  3. The laugh of a child… I love hearing my students laugh! (I always wonder if I would laugh at the same things!)
  4. Rainy days in a coffee shop!?️
  5. Listening to my favorite artists while singing loud in the car!?
  6. The smell of old books… and randomly rereading them and enjoying every page!?
  7. Finding money on the street! (this actually happened to me quite often and I end up buying a lottery ticket!) OR finding money in your pockets of an item of clothing you haven’t worn in a while!?
  8. Ticking off all of the things on my to-do list! ☑️ (CHECK!)
  9. Free dress day at work …. Hello Lulemon leggings or jeans!
  10. Raindrops slightly hitting your window while you’re all comfy in your bed!?
  11. New school supplies ?️✏️
  12. Laughing to the point that it hurts!?
  13. Winning the Tim Horton’s roll up the rim! (I’m a teacher, coffee is a must and if you win more of it you feel success! ) ☕?‍?☕
  14. When I hear BSB on the radio!?? ok and Celine Dion!
  15. Putting on clothes straight from the dryer! SOO warm and cosy 🙂
  16. Using my label maker!?
  17. Taking a breath of fresh air while enjoying the view up at the Mont-Royal and simply getting lost in my thoughts!?
  18. Eating breakfast for dinner!??
  19. A little shopping can’t hurt!?️
  20. Best for last: waking up next to my prince charming, smiling at him even though he is sleeping and then giving him morning kisses and cuddles. Best way to start the day, don’t you agree?

Feel free to comment and add some to the list!

Be wYse,