Laughter in the classroom has the rare ability to soften hardened hearts, to open shuttered minds, and to endear students to one another. Using humour in my classroom always allowed me to appreciate my students, to get to know them better, to help them be comfortable in our class and most of all it always helped me build togetherness and create an environment where we were able to share a lot more then just grammar! 

Another way I like to laugh with my students is on Purim. Every year, I seize this opportunity to make sure that on this day I make creative and “out there” costumes simply to make my students LAUGH. I like to be able to contribute to their laughter and their fun and until now it seems to be working 🙂

Here is a flashback of the past 4 years 

Year 1 : Barbie Gym – Box

Year 2 : Whoopie Cushion 

Year 3 : Astronaut 

Year 4 : Human Hot Air Balloon

Year 5 : to be determined!

Be wYse,