I used to write a lot about my never ending thoughts and my overthinking but lately I am on OVERLOAD mode where I can barely think but only execute and make quick decisions. I have never multitasked as much as the past few months and even though it is ALL for great things and amazing new steps, it’s very difficult to¬† always be on the GO.


I am in survival mode.

My brain is on overload;

It may implode!


My heart is racing;

It’s exciting, but overwhelming.

I remind myself to keep smiling!


Regardless of the madness,

I am in the path of my ultimate happiness;

Togetherness & blissfulness.


Its funny because I am a highly organized person and yet I feel like my brain is a mess and it makes me feel weird! I guess I am out of comfort zone but it is teaching me a lot.

Be wYse,