Inspired from a song I truly love “Be As You Are” by Mike Posner … this is how I felt lately:

“There are moments when you fall to the ground
But you are stronger than you feel you are now.
You don’t always have to speak so loud, 
Just be as you are.
Life is not always a comfortable ride
Everybody’s got scars that they hide
And everybody plays the fool sometimes,
Just be as you are.”

There are moments that are tougher in life and everyone has the right to fall down at times. We tend to think that it’s not normal to feel down, but we should listen to our hearts, feel as we feel and be as we are. I remind myself that its OK to NOT be okay from time to time (which was actually recently explicitly mentioned to me by a friend). I was very reflective about this and came to realise that its my choice to determine what I consider tough and that its more important to try and understand my feelings then fight against them.

I also realised that we often say its not a big deal or that we will be okay, but truthfully we are all different and consider different things difficult and its our right to do so. We should embrace this part as its more telling about who we are and can help us understand and find better ways of coping.

Be wYse,