My favorites according to the five senses …

The sound of… 


A car driving on gravel

Crushing leaves during Autumn

A crackle in fire

Crisp snow

People laughing

Fast typing on the keyboard

Skates on fresh ice


The sight of …

Blurred city lights on a rainy night

Mesmerizing views (L’esplanade Mont-Royal is one of my favorites… I have many more and some that I am eager to discover)

A cherry blossom tree blooming


Ocean waves

A morning snow that covered the entire neighboorhood & that no one touched yet

A rain drop on a leaf

Children holding hands 


The smell of …

Freshly brewed coffee

Pizza cooked in a wooden oven

Chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven

Freshly baked bread in a bakery

A bonfire


Chanel Blue (my man’s perfume!)

Mon Paris (my perfume)

Old books

Sea breeze

Freshly cut grass


The taste of … 

ICE CREAM! (coffee, coconut & pistachio are my favs)

Steamy hot coffee or hot chocolate

Cheesy pizza


Candy (fruit juice berries from Bulk Barn, coca-cola & sourpatch)

OMG’s (chocolatey peanut clusters)


The touch of … 

My stuffed animals (I have two : a dalmation and a beluga whale)

A velvet blanket 

Fine sand

Fresh snow

Someone you love 


Be wYse,