Inspired by the children’s book : The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt


The crayons were tired of colouring.

“Why can’t we write like the pencils do?” – said the crayons.


The pencils were tired of writing.

“Why can’t we¬†colour like the crayons do?” – said the pencils.


If the crayons were to write, the papers would be filled with different colours.

If the pencils were to colour, the drawings would all be of the same colour.


Sometimes, we wish to have the opposite of what we have or to be able to do things that others can do. I found a creative way to illustrate¬† this concept…(sense the pun!) … I guess the message is to keep in mind that we must be content with what he have and what we can do. We can always learn other skills, but first we should value the ones we have!

Be wYse,