There is something so special about snow !

I love sitting on the window seal watching the snowflakes fall so gently. The trees slowly get covered with beautiful and fluffy snow. There is something so zen & peaceful about this soft embrace.

* snow *

The snowflakes sparkle.

They look like small crystals landing on branches.

The snow falls & it embraces the trees;

It’s the noiseless work of the sky.


Sometimes it’s thick & fluffy, 

Sometimes it’s abundant & powdery,

Sometimes it’s soft & cushony,

And sometimes it’s smooth, yet crisp.


It comes to us delicately,

And when you look outside, it is gleaming.

It’s picturesque!

Other times, it comes to us roughly,

And when you look outside, it is obscuring.

it’s a blizzard!


The snow falls in such an insidious way.

It’s a blanket of melancholy.

It’s so pure.

It’s untouched.

It’s unmarked.


Be wYse,