Hi! I’m Sarah Suissa, and WYSEthoughts is my blog.

I am an elementary school teacher and I LOVE my job. My students make up a big part of my life. They make me laugh (and even cry at times), they inspire me to do the right thing and  they inspire me. I teach them and they teach me. I am blessed to be able to do what I do and although it is not easy, it’s very rewarding. It’s my vocation.

Besides teaching, I enjoy many simple life pleasures such as:

  • A steamy cup of coffee
  • A rich glass of red wine
  • Watching the best TV show ever : F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Going for a nice walk
  • Hanging out with my other half
  • Laughing with my girlfriends
  • Reading all kinds of books

“Mind / Matter”

is my motto…

It’s my constant motivation
to push myself to be the best possible version of me.

My newest passion is writing. It began about a year ago, when I just had too much on my heart and words became my escape. Since then, words started to resonate in my head. Every word and every symbol suddenly started to mean something to me. My thoughts turned into ideas and my ideas turned into writing until I simply could not Test photo 2go one day without putting my thoughts on paper (or well on my computer!). Writing is for me.  It’s my perspective on things, it’s my way of reflecting and it has become my drug. It’s kind of an urge I have and one I love to explore. I hope that one day my words could mean something to someone else.

From living in a children’s world, to getting lost in books/tv shows/movies, to observing many little things and of course many conversations about various topics (I love to talk!) … it gives me lots of topics to write about! So much happens in this head of mine that it must come out at some point and now it coms out through my writing.

Welcome to my world of happy, crazy, funny… as I always say: “It is better to be crazy then boring!”


Interestingly, WYSE spells out the first letter of the names of my family members. 

W : Wilma

Y : Yossi

S : Sarah

E : Elisa

I have lots of thoughts and I believe they are, for the most part, wise!

ERGO the perfect combo  –> WYSEthoughts!