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Melody or Lyrics…Both?!


When you’re happy you enjoy the music, but when you’re sad you understand the lyrics – Frank Ocean

This saying is so true. We have all lived this exact moment, yet I am sure that no one really noticed this nuance.

There are many times where I need music for the melody, for the rhythm and the beat, which totally puts me in a great mood. It brings me on a high of energy.

Other times, I need music for the words, the lyrics and the messages I can relate too. I guess that when you’re sad, a song can express your emotion in a way you can’t and your feelings simply align to that particular song. When I am sad, the lyrics become my escape and singing the lyrics makes these words powerful. It’s extremely liberating!

Music makes the possibilities seem endless. It allows us to feel every emotion we experience in a unique way. Keep listening… & singing!

Be wYse,



Acknowledging our fears is always the first step. The next step is understanding them (not always easy and can take a while!). Lastly, it’s all about developing the skills to overcome them. If we don’t take the time to reflect and question why some of our fears are present, we will empower them and they will keep acting as obstacles in our lives.

Like everyone, I have certain fears. Recently, this one seems to be lingering around.  I have micro fears that seem to have become a fear not being able to live life to the fullest. With everything going on in our crazy world, I feel like life is kind of on pause and all I want to do is hit play. I refuse to accept this reality as the “new normal” as I LOVE life and I believe that slowly slowly, it will come back. For the moment, I fear getting sick and mostly getting someone I love sick. This virus can be invisible and has caused so much sorrow to so many people worldwide.

I am worried about my students, colleagues and myself as this school year definitely lacks school spirit. I am adjusting my lens and my focus towards the things I can control and trying to find ways to up our morale by finding the small joys during the day and spreading them! Once again, I remind myself of the same and best motto Mind over Matter!



Being scared is part of being alive,

Understanding the fear is how you thrive.

Although the fears will always reappear,

Your mind can overcome and contrive.


Emanate love and good energy,

To some degree, it will set you free.

There are times where you rise above,

There are times where you just let things be.


On some days you just don’t know,

Morale and spirit are low,

You feel helpless and unprepared,

Though, from these hardships, you will grow.


Keep things in perspective,

As its all relative.

Fill your heart with serenity,

Stay mindful & objective.


Remember this : NEVER let fear take the joy out of life.

Be wYse,



“The truth is, many of us are looking for the approval of those closest to us on some level or another. And often this is disguised by the desire to have someone understand what we are talking about or going through, anything important to us about ourselves. I always thought I just wanted them to ‘get it.’ In reality, I wanted them to get it so that they would be okay with me.”- JADE MAZARIN

Validity of the advice vs seeking validation?

The truth is that most of us seek validation occasionally. I dont seek for the advice but for validation and sometimes too often.   Unfortunately, it became a need and its unhealthy because it doesn’t make me assertive nor stay strong to what I truly think. For some subjects, it makes me doubt, it makes me question my own capacities in some areas and it makes me indecisive and as a result I have some opinions that are not well formed.

I chose to write about it and just say it out loud because I want to tell myself to take my own advice and work hard to rewire my brain. My motto is mind/matter and I want to be able to apply it in this particular area. I think my first step is to determine what is the real cause of this need of validation from others and understand it before correcting it.  For now I think its part of the way my mind works and makes me think of the saying “old habits die hard”.  In this case it’s like if a certain way of mind is still lingering and I decided to not accept it anymore.  This mindset brings me down and like I have overcome many things and got rid of so many insecurities, I am more then ready to work on this and work on accepting my own gut, my own opinions and validating what I think despite others’ opinions. 

Be wYse,

Rain drops


This may be odd, but there is something so soothing of the sound of rain drops hitting a window. Looking outside, it’s dark, but there is just enough light for you to see the drops accumulating on the window and then dripping down slowly.  Its quite relaxing to listen to the hit of every drop on the window while with a good book and a savoury glass of red wine.

These past months, my mind has been juggling so many things at once and tonight the sound of raindrops hitting my window made me want to write and simply let my thoughts wander. I like to remind myself of how so many things may just pass us by… this was a very simple moment but one I enjoyed a lot. 

Be wYse, 

She was different



She was different. 

Wanting every moment to be significant,

She escaped into worlds of endless possibilities.

Without wants of any predicament,

Hoping for surreal realities. 


She was different.

A daydreamer,

And a night thinker.

She got lost in her limitless thoughts,

Smiled & cried, Lots. 


She was different.

Fascinated by things others never noticed, 

Her strength of mind kept her focused. 

Saw light when others saw darkness, 

She had too much love when others were heartless. 


She was different, 

But they were all the same. 



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